I had the opportunity to work with Studio Pigeon on this explainer for Littlefund. Littlefund is a modern gifting platform that makes it easy for family and friends to gift savings towards child's goals.

My role was to animate the whole explainer based on script by Studio Pigeon and illustrations
by Barbara Okrasa. I used mainly After Effects with great plugins: RubberHose 2 and Joysticks'n'Sliders.
For frame-by-frame elements, I used Adobe Animate.
Selected sequences
Process GIFs
For this scene I needed only a rotation from right to the centre, so I set up both key poses and animated them with Joysticks'n'Sliders.
I've done something similar for the hand. Single shape layer, riged with J'n'S rig and combined with object rotation.
Watering animation - done frame-by-frame in Animate.
I also decided to make transition from photo album to watering scene in a traditonal way, with soft, liquid shapes.
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